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Prepare for the social responsibility exam with the summary social responsiblity.

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Summary SVH Social Responsibility

In a catering company or commercial institution where drinks are served, one person must always be present who is in possession of a Declaration of Knowledge and Insight Social Hygiene. Catering entrepreneurs are also obliged to obtain this certificate, as are business leaders and managers who are included in the Drinks and Catering Permit. To get this certificate, you have to take an exam: the SVH Social Hygiene exam. To prepare for this, you can follow the course with the extensive teaching material, use a very complete summary and practice with the mock exams and practice questions on this site.

Summary SVH Social Responsibility

Theorybook social responsibility

Social responsibility summary

In the Social responsibility summary, the most important points and core concepts are clearly summarized, so that you can easily master the teaching material. The document contains links to free practice questions and mock exams. Even if you have already obtained your certificate, the SVH summary remains a useful reference work.


E-book social responsibility

Svh summary

The SVH Social responsibility summary is based on the most up-to-date teaching material from the Stichting Vakbekwaamheid Horeca (SVH). When changes are made to the teaching material, we adjust the summary so that the content is always up-to-date and suitable preparation for the exam. Many users indicate that the summary and the practice questions were enough to pass the exam!

The Social responsibility summary is also very suitable for those who need to prepare in a short time for the crash course Social responsibility.


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